about audrey lane

Artistic Director
Soundscape Artist
Park Naturalist


Audrey Lane Cockett is a spoken word poet, artistic director, soundscape artist, film producer, and artistic director based in Treaty 7 land, Calgary AB. Her work is rooted in wild, both outside and in. Through her work in education, film, soundscape, and poetry she is a passionate advocate for mental health awareness, social equality, love, and care for the natural world.

She is a poetic educator, working with schools to create and perform poetry. She is also an outdoor educator teaching students about the natural world from K-12 in the Elbow River Valley.

Audrey Lane also delivers programming and workshops that blend science and art in order to deepen our understandings of each. She believes art is an avenue for strengthening community, education, and connection to place.

She directed and produced the video series 'Wild Constructs' (presented by Weaselhead Park Preservation Society), as well as creating shows such as 'Weaselhead Soundscapes' and a 360 degree, VR immersive installation that was featured in the Beakerhead Festival, 'Surface Tension' in Ignite Festival, and 'Outside In' in Swallow A Bicycles series Discomfort Lab.

She has delivered workshops with Alberta EcoTrust's 2019 Environmental Gathering, University of Calgary's Education Program, and the National Power Shift Conference in Edmonton, among others.

She is an alumnus of the Banff Centre’s Spoken Word Program, the Canadian Wilderness Artist Residency, and was co-captain of Calgary’s 2017 Slam Poetry Team that represented and placed 6th nationally. Her work has been published in the Journal of Wild Culture, Oratorealis, and Fight Evil With Poetry Press as well as featured in musical albums such as the poetry/opera fusion in the album ‘Expect the Unexpected’ by Michelle Minke.

Audrey Lane has participated in several national spoken word festivals, as well as several interdisciplinary festivals (Toronto Pride, IGNITE Festival of Emerging Artists, Fluid Movement Arts Festival, Victoria Fringe Festival, Victoria Spoken Word Festival, Beakerhead Festival). Internationally, she has competed and featured in several of the Eastern states, immersed and studied in the poetry-jazz fusion scene in Boston, won at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe and Bowery Poetry Club in NYC, and at the Slam in London, England hosted by the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts.

She is invested in exploring art and its intersections with science, community, learning, healing, and transformation.